It’s good to dream.

               Every one of us has dreams. Dreams of which fulfilment would make us happy. Dreaming about things is wonderful but the feeling when one of the dreams becomes a reality is that much more amazing.

We started just like that... We dreamt our dream and that dream became reality one amazing day, and Great Danes became a part of our lives.

My name’s Lenka Baranová, and I grew up in a family of which dogs were always a part of. I’ve loved and admired these creatures ever since I was a child. I was really lucky that my husband, Janko, found a special place for dogs in his heart as well, and a Golden Retriever named CEZAR Medový Bozk aka Charlie became a part of our relationship at the very beginning.

One memory from one of Charlie’s shows in Bratislava still makes me smile. We had our show ring right next to the Great Danes (it was back in the day when ear cropping was still allowed). We were standing by the show ring and I told my husband that having such a gorgeous Great Dane one day has been my dream since I was a child. He just smiled at me sweetly and said: “Forget it. There’s no way.”

Time passed by and our daughter Alžbetka was born, and we started fulfilling another one of our shared dreams, which was a house by the forest. It was also a period when we started considering buying another four-legged member of the family. And this time the choice was clear, my big dream started to come true in the form of a little blue puppy of the Great Dane that we named GERALDINE GRACE BLUE Hradecká Hvězda. Our Grace.

And that was the beginning of a wonderful, and now real, dream. Since we had a big garden one Grate Dane wasn’t enough so we decided to get more. We started looking for a friend for our Grace. We kept looking till we found a puppy- well, to tell the truth, a 7 months old lady. Even though we were rather reluctant at the beginning, we decided to listen to our inner voice and went to pick her up on one rainy Saturday, our black beauty IVANCICA Sanctus Rochus. Since she was different from the very first moment, different than our Grace, the name Ina stuck to her. (To me she’s different and simply unique.)

Both of our girls turned our life upside down. We started with dog exhibitions, which became a great family hobby. We met many interesting people, our new friends, we started travelling more, and most importantly, we have realized that Great Danes somehow, with absolute certainty, became a part of our family, our minds, and our hearts. Because the feeling that you get when a Great Dane, sitting in front of you, looks right into your eyes is indescribable... It’s a look into the soul of a friend and an equal partner, whose love and trust for you are limitless, just the way you are.

And then... then it went fairly quickly. Then came a fawn female HANA-F della Baia Azzura (our hardheaded, loving Hanči) and a few months after our beautiful harlequin JASMINA Sanctus Rochus (a half-sister of our Ina). That’s how began beautiful, and at the same time, crazy times in our family, which at the same time convinced us that the Great Dane breed isn’t only what unites us as a family, but also what we want to keep doing, but this time as breeders, whose top priority will always be the quality and health of this gorgeous breed of gentle giants.

And the conclusion, my friends? Well, it’s always good to dream about something...

Elizabeth's Meadows - Breeding Group competitions:
* BEST BREEDING GROUP - Croatian Club Show, Samobor 2023
* BEST BREEDING GROUP - Croatian Special Great Dane Show, Samobor 2023
* Res.BEST BREEDING GROUP - Hungarian Club Show 2023
* BEST BREEDING GROUP - Slovakian Club Show, Bojna 2023
* BEST BREEDING GROUP - Croatian Club Show, Samobor 2022
* BEST BREEDING GROUP - Slovakian Club Show, Bojna 2020
* BEST BREEDING GROUP - Slovakian Special Great Dane Show, Bojna 2020
* BEST BREEDING GROUP - Slovakian Club Show, Bojna 2019

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